Plantar´s Social and Labor Safety Policies

Cultivate the constant pursuit of sustainability by improving social conditions (education, safety, health and income generation), through environmental preservation, respecting and preserving the culture of the people that Plantar interacts with. These are the principles that guide Plantar´s Group businesses.

Social and environmental Management

Plantar Group believes that environmental responsibility is an integral part  of its business, an issue that is as important as the quality of its products and services. Therefore it is important to act in an ethical and transparent way with all stakeholders with whom it interacts with and set goals that foster the sustainable development of society, preserving environmental and cultural resources for future generations, respecting diversity and promoting the reduction of social inequalities.

Recognizing its important role as a transformation agent for the local reality, Plantar seeks to work in partnership with institutions and people who have a strong connection with the traditional communities and the local population in order to ensure dialogue and credibility, share knowledge related to social issues and the reality of the areas in which it operates.

The direct and transparent communication and relationship are the pillars for Plantar social and environmental responsibility actions. The involvement with various stakeholders, which is divided into internal and external, is done proactively by encouraging, supporting and implementing projects and actions.

Internal Stakeholders

Work actively for the ongoing improvement of its employees and outsourced working conditions through programs, activities and projects aimed at ensuring safety, health improvement and social and economic well-being. Plantar also encourages and support the continuity of education, eradication of illiteracy, freedom of beliefs and collective bargaining.

External Stakeholders

Support and encourage directly or indirectly actions and projects aimed at economic, social, environmental and cultural development of the surrounding communities. These aspects can be worked together or separately, depending on the characteristics and aspirations of the communities served.


Plantar operates commits itself to always adopt the best environmental practices in all its businesses. Aware of the negative and positive impacts of its activities, actions are taken to maintain and improve environmental conditions and contribute to the welfare of the society of which it belongs. As part of the environmental actions are programs for recovery of degraded areas, management and conservation of protected areas (conservation units), waste management, forest fires prevention and control, environmental education, protection of rare and/or endangered species, besides environmental monitoring programs.