AMARU is anorther product with the Plantar Group quality brand.

AMARU is a wood exclusive of Plantar Empreendimentos e Produtos Florestais Ltda. Developed after decades of research in the genetic enhancement of Eucalyptus; it assures better durability and strength when compared to other woods available on the market. Its production process is based on the cloning of carefully selected individuals that generate uniform forests characterized by the low incidence of cracks, low tortuosity and high mechanical strength.

Made using advanced techniques of forest management and with high quality standards, AMARU can be applied in areas as diverse as construction, agribusiness, landscaping, furniture and interior decorating and design. The product also encompasses the certainty of the use of timber from a legal source and completely renewable. In PLANTAR Wood Treatment Unit, the parameters established by the Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (ABNT) – Brazilian Association of Technical Standards – are rigorously met. In the drying stage, one of the key procedures of the production chain, the wood lingers until an average moisture content of up to 25% is reached, a rate that will allow the full wood immunization . The impregnation process of AMARU pieces with the CCA, a preservation chemical, is made through a vacuum system pressure using an autoclave, which guarantees wood protection against wood insect attacks (termites, borers, beetles, etc.), fungi decay and destruction by marine organisms.