Plantar Carbon offers multiple services regarding climate change mitigation and adaptation, taking into account the integration with broader sustainability strategies. Our portfolio includes specific activities, such as inventories of greenhouse gases and carbon projects, as well as structured products, such as the development of climate change and sustainability strategies and the valuation of carbon assets in national and international frameworks. Find bellow t he main groups of products offered by Plantar Carbon in Brazil or abroad:

1) Strategic assessment on climate change and sustainability:

Development of a strategic assessment for the insertion of organizations on climate change related issues, including the identification of scenarios at internal and external levels, threats and opportunities, and potential drivers of value related to mitigation and adaptation efforts, in the context of broader sustainability strategies.

2) Development of specific projects, plans and policies:

We provide advice on the development and implementation of strategic planning for climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as of specific projects, plans and policies. These activities may result from the strategic assessment (see product 1) or from existing organizational policies and include:

  • Preparation of GHG inventories and corporate reports;
  • Development and implementation of carbon credits projects in regulated or voluntary markets;
  • Plans for organizational insertion in regulatory frameworks at national and international levels;
  • Sectoral public policies and economic-financial arrangements for mitigation and adaptation;
  • Technical support for the development of research on climate change and for the valuation of climate friendly technologies.

3) Marketing plans and carbon trading:

Design and implementation of marketing strategies and carbon trading in different markets, whether voluntary or regulated, in Brazil or abroad.

4) Capacity building:

Development and implementation of capacity building programs, aimed at enhancing organizational and executive knowledge on climate change, at strategic, tactic or operational levels.

5) Customized projects:

Based on specific demands, we assist your organization in developing customized projects on climate change and sustainability.