The Research and Development area of Plantar Empreendimentos directs its efforts in order for AMARU to reach you, the consumer, with satisfactory levels of density, hardness, strength and thinning.

Quality assurance is a matter of principle within the Plantar Group. Before making available to the consumer market, AMARU lots are periodically inspected to evaluate two parameters that attest the quality of the preserved wood, including:

  • Permeation: relates to the depth and uniformity achieved by the preservative product, in the permeable layers of wood. To assess,  a very simple colorimetric test is done, which requires the use of a reagent called Chrome azurol-S. When applied superficially in a section of preserved wood, the Chrome azurol-S takes a blue pattern when into contact with the preservative substance. The best result is proved when the surface of the test body has a uniform blue color throughout the sapwood length.
  • Retention:  is the amount of the preservative substance present in the wood. The retention rates vary depending on the wood´s end use. For each end use there is a corresponding retention, defined by the NBR-7190 standard, which ensures the treatment effectiveness. Retention levels can only be assessed by testing in properly equipped laboratories.

Natural AMARU poles

Natural AMARU poles are sold under its natural taper, in other words, with a varying diameter along its length.

The table below  presents the main commercial characteristics of Natural AMARU:

Taper Low
Diameters (cm) 4 to 28
Forest growing cycle Short to long
Lengths (m) 2.20, 2.50, 3.20, 4.00, 5.00, 6.00, 8.00, 9.00 e 12.00

Natural AMARU Poles:

The AMARU poles are synonymous of safety and durability for electrical networks, whether for transmission or distribution, rural or urban. All procedures involved in the production of these elements are performed in accordance witth the Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (ABNT) – Brazilian Association of Technical Standards – norms as well as the norms by the Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais (Cemig), which is a PLANTAR´s customer and has specific technical standards for poles and cross arms round wood.

Main advantages of AMARU poles::

  • Completely renewable and sustainable raw material;
  • Low cost compared to other materials;
  • High durability and excellent resistance, proven through trials and mechanical tests.

In the city or in the countryside, trust AMARU poles, wood preserved to last!

AMARU wood profile:

To be marketed as a wood profile product, before the chemical treatment, AMARU undergo a mechanical processing in order to eliminate the natural taper of the logs along its length.

AMARU wood profile can be purchased in three diameters, available in round wood or arched sections:


The round wood and arched profiles form the basis of AMARU wood profile Building System, which allows for a multitude of combinations, imposing no restrictions for use in construction projects.

Pilar Duplo ou Viga Dupla


Viga Tripla


Pilar Triplo


Pilar Quádruplo


As a structural, sealing or decorative element, AMARU wood profiles frees your creativity and introduces very important advantages, such as:

  • It consists of totally renewable feedstock;
  • It has a higher mechanical resistance when compared to different kinds of reforestation wood;
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor, humid or dry environments;
  • Its durability is assured by the excellent preservative treatment;
  • It has no taper along its length;
  • It is more practical for implementation of fittings and insertion, with good finishing standard;
  • Easier to transport and for installing its pieces in a construction site;
  • It is compatible with other materials and construction systems;
  • Has excellent cost-benefit ratio.

The table below  presents  the main commercial features of Profiled AMARU:

Taper Absent
Diameters (cm) 11, 13 e 15
Forest growing cycle Short
Lengths (m) 2.20, 2.50, 3.20, 4.00, 5.00 e 6.00

Trust AMARU wood profile, wood preserved to last!

AMARU wood profile Crossarms:

PLANTAR, a pioneer in the country offers to the market AMARU wood profile Crossarms in the form of round wood poles (see figure XX), which does not allow the accumulation of water on top of it, unlike other lumber products.

Before sending AMARU wood profile Crossarms for chemical treatment, they undergo a mechanical processing to eliminate the natural taper of logs lengthwise. Therefore, wood profile are generated to provide easy transportation, insertion of the insulators and definitive installation, whether on wooden, concrete or steel poles. Since the wood is an insulating material, AMARU wood profile Crossarms also offer lower risks of short circuits and power leakage.

The innovation of the sector is in the use of AMARU wood profile Crossarms, wood preserved to last!